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processing of personal data

Processing of personal data
7a) These customer privacy policies openly declare our will to observe, control and enforce compliance with data protection standards - especially the GDPR - and to develop values based on fair dealing, trust, transparency, openness, integrity and accountability.

7b) We apply the procedures below for all products and services offered.

7c) Customer privacy will always be the first

      c1) We understand how important it is to you, how your personal information and information are used and shared. We process the processing of personal data and information to the extent necessary in accordance with the principle of data minimization.

      c2) This document defines basic information about what kind of data, information and personal data we are working on and what security measures we apply to safely protect it.

7d) Basic information regarding the processing of your personal data

      d1) We do not pass your personal information to third parties. Passing of personal data abroad is excluded.

      d2) We process your personal data separately, we do not use the services of another processor for processing.

      d3) We process all personal data in a single location with a high degree of protection and security.

      d4) Under no circumstances do we process special categories of personal data and do not carry out extensive regular and systematic monitoring.

7e) Processing your personal information

     e1) The information and data we process depends mainly on the type of service you use. Below are the legal reasons for the processing, the description of the processing activity, the basic description of data protection and your privacy, and information about your rights.

     e2) The legal reasons for the processing, processing of your personal data is a prerequisite for:

            (a) performance of the contract - identification of the beneficiary of performance, negotiation of the time / place / method of performance, information necessary to change the content of the contract (Article 7 (b) of the GDPR Regulation);

            b) complying with our legal obligations of the Company - we are an entity and a tax entity and for this reason we keep orders / contracts / documents / invoices that may contain your personal data (Article 7 (c) of the GDPR Regulation);

            (c) the fulfillment of our legitimate interests - in particular direct marketing, the pursuit of improved services and the development of business (Article 7 (f) of the GDPR Regulation).

     e3) Activity description

            a) As part of our business with you, as customers, we enter into purchase contracts, lease agreements, or ancillary services contracts. In the context of business cooperation, we process these data or information from your contact persons:
1) Name and surname;
2) Address;
3) ID, Tax ID;
4) Tel. number;
5) E-mail address;

     e4) At the same time, you can provide personal information before concluding a specific contract at the so-called pre-contractual phase when the offer is made and accepted. You reach us by phone or e-mail. The adoption and processing of this personal data is solely intended to facilitate communication and the conclusion of a specific contract.

e5) We are the operators of the E-shop. At this E-shop, as a prospective customer, you create a user account through which you enter into a sales contract in accordance with our business terms and conditions. We use direct marketing as our legitimate interest with new customers only if you agree to the E-shop user when registering. In the case of long-term business partners, we use direct marketing as part of our legitimate interest even outside of our e-shop registration. As the processing of your personal data is minimal and always for a legitimate reason, we do not require consent to the processing of personal data. When registering a user account, you provide the following personal information:
1) Name and surname
2) Address (Street, City, ZIP)
3) Tel. number
4) E-mail address

          7f) Handling of personal data

                f1) Concluded contracts and related documentation containing your personal information are kept on our business premises. These documents serve primarily for accounting purposes and for the fulfillment of our tax obligations.

                f2) In addition, your personal data is used for the proper and timely execution of the contracts (communication facilitation, quick contact, claim billing, liability for damages, etc.) as well as fulfillment of our legitimate interests - continuing business cooperation or improving the quality and level of existing services .

                 f3) Personal data from registered E-shop accounts are automatically transferred to our internal system that creates the customer's E-shop database. The list of all customers consists of a single database containing only the above mentioned contact information. Access to these databases is limited and secure.

                 f4) We do not purchase any external databases and do not pass on our business databases to third parties. The processed personal data is regularly updated.

   f5) We find your satisfaction with the purchase through e-mail questionnaires within our Customer Authentication program where our e-shop is involved. We send you every time you buy us if within the meaning of Section 7 (3) of Act No. 480/2004 Coll. about some information society services, you will not decline to send them. Processing of personal data for the purpose of submitting questionnaires within the program "Verified by customers" is carried out on the basis of our legitimate interest in determining your satisfaction with the purchase with us. For sending questionnaires, evaluating your feedback, and analyzing our market position, we use the processors who are the operator; we can transfer information about purchased goods and your e-mail address for these purposes. Your personal information is not transmitted to any third party for its own purposes when sending email. You can at any time oppose the sending of e-mail questionnaires within the Customer Authentication program by rejecting additional questionnaires via a link in a questionnaire email. In case of your objection, we will not send you the questionnaire further.

     7g) Information for you

                  g1) You may be informed about the scope and purpose of the contract by a contract clause, an e-mail message, orally by telephone or by referring to that document.

                  g2) In the event that you notify the change of relevant personal data, these data are immediately changed in our database and replaced personal data.

                  g3) Personal data are kept for:

                          (a) the duration of the business cooperation or the expiry of the limitation period (for at least 3 years)

                          b) fulfillment of tax obligations - custody of documents pursuant to the VAT Act (10 years)

                          c) it depends on your will to cooperate with us and to develop (direct marketing, etc.)

             7h) Protection and security

                   h1) Our goal is to protect your personal data and the data stored in us in accordance with best practices for information protection. We continually improve and accept state-of-the-art technical, physical and administrative safeguards to help protect your personal information, data, and collected information from unauthorized misuse.

                   h2) Our center is protected against the entry of unauthorized subjects.

              7i) Cookies

                   i1) By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.
                   i2) A separate panel will inform you about the use of cookies when you visit the site.

                   i3) Cookies are small text files that are sent to a user's browser when a website is visited. Cookies help us to record your visit to our site.

                   i4) We use cookies that expire when your browsing session ends, as well as cookies that have a specified expiration date.

                   i5) Cookies allow us to distinguish users using arbitrarily assigned ID numbers to track the number of visitors on the page, manage the speed of their serving requirements

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