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165/80 R13

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Snow chains 165/80 R13 RSS 62 SERVO SPORT Pewag for car
Snow chains RSS 62 SERVO SPORT Pewag for car TUV Atest 8SD 152 RSS 62 SERVO SPORT ráfekrozměr ...
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Snow chains X50, 165/80 R13 Cross trace Nylon bag
Snow chains X50 Designed for cars weighing 2000kg. GS TÜV homologation, 3mm x 9mm chain loop. ...
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Snow chains R13, 165/80, 050 pro osobní auto
Snow chains 050 for R13: 155/85x13, 165/80x13, 175/70x13, 185/65x13, 195/60x13, 205/50x13,
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