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Boot for Lexus RX 350, 5dv, 2009r =>

Boot liner for Lexus RX 350, 5dv, 2009r =>

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vana lexus Boot for Lexus RX 350, 5dv, 2009r => HDT Boot for Lexus RX 350, 5dv, 2009r => HDT
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Car boot liners

are mats for automobile boot or trunk to protect the surface against damage or dirt, and to pad cargo against abrasion or shock. The main purpose is for the boot liner to bear the brunt of wear and tear. Boot liners are usually removable so they may be cleaned or replaced.

  • With a 3cm-6cm protective lip, this will ensure that all dirt and water remains within the boot liner.
  • Perfectly fits the boot/hatchback area of the respective car model
  • Manufactured from durable plastic/PVC
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to oils and chemical spillage
  • Protective lip on the outline to trap water and dirt
  • Flexible and light which provides for easy installing and removing in/from the boot
  • Very easy to clean: just wipe, hose or power wash them down

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